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June 15-23

8 Days Commencement activities begin with holy mass

June 12, 2015 by admin0

During the launching mass, the President of CUIB Rev. Fr. George Nkeze who was the main celebrant said, starting the Commencement Exercises with benediction is the highest scarifies we can offer to God for his grace over our lives. During his sermon Fr. George underlined that spirituality is the core value of CUIB adding that “In CUIB, spirituality is rooted in the energy that drives us to do the right thing”. This energy according to Fr. George is guided by the search for meaning, the reminder of an inevitable end and the existence of a superior being above all beings.

Fr. George Nkeze highlighted that,Eucharistic celebrations at CUIB is not to convert people to Catholics, but to help them understand their spirituality and the catholic faith mentioning that all religions are embraced at the City of Saints and Scholars. Drawing from Genesis 4 verse 3, Fr. George said “it is all about sacrifices to God which is a display of our spiritual nature” and not CUIB or religion, as religion has been a great set back to the efforts of humanity. Talking on the First International Eucharistic “Paga” Festival Explosion, Fr. George defined “Paga” as an encounter with God stating that anyone who has an encounter with God never remains the same.


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